Feb 2015: website is up and running for all students and drum corps that Doug teaches.  Thanks to Ken Constable of Social Pariah Solutions for the excellent site.  In the coming months, this site will house all of Doug’s scores, MP3s and exercises for students and bands to use.

September 2014:  Out now is a brand new and updated edition of Doug Stronach’s Pipe Band Snare Drum Tutor Book Volume 1.  North America’s best-selling tutor book has a new look and revised layout after 14 years on the market. The material in this book has started thousands of drummers on their journey into pipe band drumming and has been a part of the education of some of today’s top pipe band solo and band players.

June 2014:  Doug was on the road most of June visiting South Africa, Chicago and then two weeks at the Ontario School of Piping and Drumming.

April 2014: Doug promotes and sells Andante Next Generation Snare Drums and Andante Pro Series Tenor and Bass.

Doug first played Andante Drums when he led the Toronto Police Pipe Band Drum Corps, and again during the development of the new Andante Next Generation Drum with The Simon Fraser University Pipe Band.

scotland aug 2010

Visit the new and improved Andante website for more information or click here for videos and product information on this site.  You can email Doug for latest pricing and additional info through his contact page.