Drum Lessons (1 x 50 minute lesson)


Drum Lessons (1 x 50 minute lesson)



About Online Lessons:

***Please note, all lesson spots are fully booked at this time.  This product is available to purchase only for existing students.  If you would like to be included on the list for available spots that may open up in the future, please email me through the contact page here.

Using a computer and Skype software, you can communicate over the internet in real time.

For best results, you should have a fast computer, video camera and hi-speed internet connection.  A well lit room with no distractions is also needed and no other persons in your house at the time of your skype lesson should be using your internet connection.

The camera should be placed far enough back that a picture of your drum pad and hands are visible.  The drum pad should rest on a towel or similar so that no vibrations are sent through the computer’s microphone while you’re playing.  You can test the quality of your audio using the Skype Test Call feature.  Under ‘Preferences’ in the Skype software you should be able to view your camera’s outgoing image.  Please do this in advance of your lesson.

A Skype account is required which you should setup before your first lesson. Once set up, please send your Skype id to Doug so that he can put you on his contacts list. This only has to be done once.  Skype is free to setup and use.

About Doug:

Doug Stronach’s books and methods have been used by some of the top drummers in the world. He has published four books on pipe band drumming and is author of the best-selling beginner tutor book in North America. He has taught and played throughout the world including Canada, USA, South America, South Africa, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, France, Germany, Sicily and the UK and has been a member of Grade 1 top-six World’s prize winning bands both in the UK and Canada. In 2012, he retired from competition when he left The World Champion Simon Fraser University Pipe Band.

Some of Doug’s past students include Blair Brown (SFU, Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia and top-six World Solo Snare Drummer), Andrew Lawson (World Champion Drum Corps winner, top-six World Solo Snare Drummer and Leading Drummer for the Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band), Graham Brown (previous Lead Drummer for The Peel Regional Police Pipe Band (North American Pipe Band and Drum Corps Champions) ,World Champion Drum Corps winner and World Solo Drumming finalist, Tyler Fry (World Champion Drum Corps winner and owner of Tyfry Tenor Mallets), as well as many other Grade 1 competing and non-competing players.

Lessons with Doug focus on the idea that good rhythm is the primary purpose of any drummer and that the traditional route of learning rudiments are only to be learned in-conjunction with a solid understanding of time. Infinite Sticking and Duple and Triple are two of Doug’s books that allow you to explore rhythm and rudiments together and apart allowing you the freedom to think clearly in both domains. Both PDF versions of these books become available free of charge to students as they progress through their lessons.

After paying for your lesson(s) through this website, Doug will contact you to schedule a lesson time. Please also be aware of time zones when requesting a lesson. Doug lives in Toronto, Ontario Canada (EST).