Duple and Triple PDF eBook


Duple and Triple PDF eBook



This is a new PDF version of the popular rhythm training and sight-reading manual by Doug Stronach. Because electronic books don’t require paper, printing or binding, the cost of the PDF book is almost half that of the hard copy version. There’s also a positive effect on the environment, and with copyright protection built in, it ensures that future drumming publications will be written and made available. There is also no shipping cost on PDF books as the product is downloaded via the internet. All in all, PDF books add up to a sizable savings over hard-copy versions.

***From September to December 31st 2016, included with the purchase of this PDF eBook is one free 30 minute introductory Skype Lesson with Doug.  After purchase, please email to setup a lesson time.

Duple and Triple is the first book of its kind for pipe band drumming and a real workhorse for the pipe band drummer or piper. The book has over 60 pages of rhythms in both simple (duple) and compound (triple) meters, covering most of the popular and more advanced rhythms found in pipe band music today. The bulk of the book contains monotone rhythms to study, with sticking examples and sight-reading exercises given at intervals throughout the book.

How PDF books work:

1. You purchase the PDF book through this website.  After your payment has been confirmed (PAYPAL is quickest), we send you a link to download the book and a unique passcode that you will use to open the PDF book. You then unzip the file and open the PDF book in your favourite PDF software (we recommend the Adobe PDF viewer which is available free from www.adobe.com). The download is approximately 75MB. Please make sure you have a fast internet connection to download the file (a high-speed connection is recommended).

2. After opening the “DUPLEANDTRIPLE_by Doug Stronach.pdf” file, you will need to unlock the PDF book using the passcode we sent to you. You can then start using the book.

3. Please note that printing the PDF book is not allowed. If you prefer a printed copy, then please order the hard-copy version of the book.

NOTE: The passcode that you receive is linked to your name and account at www.dougstronach.com and cannot be transferred, given away or shared with any other person. Please respect copyright laws so that more books on pipe band drumming can be published in the future.

COMPUTER REQUIREMENTS: MAC or Windows computer with software capable of opening PDF documents.