Infinite Sticking PDF eBook (with Audio)


Infinite Sticking PDF eBook (with Audio)



Infinite Sticking is one of the most creative and fun tutor books on pipe band drumming today. Since its first publication in the late 1980’s, the book has helped to shape the drumming careers of some of todays top World Champion snare, bass and tenor drummers.

Included with this special PDF version, is a new introduction by author Doug Stronach, a brand new layout with clickable navigation and 97 audio examples.

Andrew Lawson, Leading Drummer¬†of the many-times World Champion Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band says, “The most used book in my drumming education. It takes each snare drumming rudiment and applies it to different rhythmical patterns varying from easy to very complex. It will build your endurance and your timing for the better…..I will be recommending it to all of my students.”

The book builds a sense of rhythm and timing that gets deep into your subconscious and puts you quickly on the path to playing like a pro. Blair Brown, instructor for The St. Thomas Episcopal School in Texas, World Pipe Band and Drum Corps Champion, top-six World Solo Prize Winner says, “Without Doug as a teacher and this book as a fundamental guide, I wouldn’t be the drummer I am today!

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